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Below are the links to a few websites which may be of interest to anyone who has enjoyed reading this insight into the history of LEO.

Leo Computers Society

The society for users of LEOs to share experiences of their time, and to celebrate eveything which was LEO

EDSAC simulator

A simulator program of the computer on which LEO I was designed.

General Report on Tunny

A digital version of the original report showing development of the Colossus.

First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC

A digital version of the original report written by Von Neumann which caused so much controversy with Eckert and Mauchly.

National Museum of Computing

The website for the National Museum of Computing, which contains information on the rebuild project of Colossus. You can even sponsor a valve in the computer.

Charles Babbage Institute

The website for the Charles Babbage Institute, which contains interviews and papers from people such as Eckeart and Mauchly and a great deal of information from the time of EDVAC, EDSAC and LEO.